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Saturday, October 30, 2010

16 Reasons Why You Should Own The Vampire Diaries Soundtrack

Ever the procrastinator, I had been putting off purchasing The Vampire Diaries Soundtrack because I'm a turd sometimes. I was fortunate enough to receive via UPS yesterday (Friday) my very own copy from one of my dearest Twitter friends.

As I was listening to each track, all I could think of was why hadn't I gotten my hands on it sooner? Realizing I am talking to myself in my head, I answered myself right back, because "YOU ARE A PROCRASTINATOR!"

Some songs took me back to some of my favorite episodes, some I bobbed my head along to while reading The Hunger Games, and 1 downright had me sobing for reasons I will explain below.

So here we have it, 16 reasons why I think you should purchase if you haven't already, The Vampire Diaries Soundtrack

Image Source

01. Stefan's Theme -Michael Suby
This is the very song that plays in my head when I think of The Vampire Diaries. In fact, I think this song should have been called The Vampire Diaries song. It has no words, just purely instrumental and takes me back to the very first episode where it all began. 

02. Running Up That Hill -Placebo
Placebo, the band who graced one of my other favorite soundtracks, Cruel Intentions with "Every You Every Me" does it again. This song almost brings out my primal side (maybe it's the drums).

03. Currency Of Love -Silversun Pickups
This would be one of those songs I was bobbing along to when I was reading The Hunger Games. At first I was like, "This kinda reminds me of Jimmy Eat World" but alas it is not. This particular song doesn't bring up any memories of past episodes, but I still like. 

04. Hammock -Howls
Another head bobbing song. The singers voice is kind of well, seducing (sexy). If any guy wants to howl at the moon with a voice like his, by all means go right on ahead. When he sings tastes I *died zombie style with a bullet to the head* (I've already *died* too many times so now I'm a zombie just so ya know).  

05. Sleep Alone (909S In The DarkTimes Mix) -Bat For Lashes
This song reminds me of floating. Don't worry, I don't get why it reminds me of floating either. All I know is that sleeping alone is NOT so bad sometimes. 

06. Bloodstream (Vampire Diaries Remix) -Stateless
Oh, Potter where do I begin with this little number? This song I refer to as the hot dirty sex song. This is THAT song, yup, yes it is, AMEN! *fans self* So uhh, where was I? The dude singing the song right, his voice OMFP (Oh My Freakin' Potter) is so sexy and haunting. "I think I might have inhaled you" what? I wanna marry him just because of this song. He could be short, balding, with no teeth for all I know, but you guy, you need to come marry ASAP! This song makes me want to go out and seduce every one, YOU TOO!   

07. We Radiate -GoldFrapp
I've been a fan of GoldFrapp for a little while now and her songs have never disappointed me. This is a good track to get ready to. Sing and dance in the mirror like nobody is watching. You know we've all done it before. 

08. Obsession -Sky Ferreira
This song immediately makes me want to kick some ass, and again, I have no clue why. Perfectly explains my feelings for all the male characters on the show.

09. Head Over Heels -Digital Daggers
The seduction song. This song reminds me of the manipulative awesome that is Katherine Pierce/Petrova 

10. Down -Jason Walker
*sad faces all around* who can forget this episode? This song breaks my heart every single time I hear it. Right about now I'm listening to it and I feel like I need a hug. "I don't want to hear the sound of losing what I never found" :(

11. Beauty Of The Dark - Mads Langer
And the shit hits the fan episode. What? Why? How? Stefan and Damon vampire's? No way? Come on Elena he's old enough to be your great great grandaddy. "What are you?!"

12. Cut -Plumb
The most beautifulest of beautiful moments EVER in the history of TV hands down! When it gets to the part where the singer is like "I AMMMMMMMMMMM NOOOOOOOOOOOT ALOOOOOOOOOONE" just pierces my soul. Not gonna lie, I wanted to clunk Elena over the head with day old rye bread when she was getting it in with Stefan cuz it totes should have been Stefan and I of course!      

13. All You Wanted -Sounds Under Radio feat. Alison Sudol of A Fine Frenzy
*sigh* it's really kind of hard to explain what I feel about this song. Previously I had blogged about how I was so in love with the band and how I loved the song, but I would be doing the band and the song a HUGE injustice with such few words. When the cd player finally reached number 13, I smiled to myself and laid out on my bed staring at the ceiling taking every single piece of the lyrics to heart. I found myself mouthing the words as I did last Saturday while they performed here in Miami. Emotions started creeping up inside of me as puddles of tears formed on my face. Before I knew it, I was crying uncontrollably (I'm talking full out Timmy just fell in the well kinda tears here people). I can only say this about one other song in my life, and that is "All By Myself" because damn it Celine, that song is just downright depressing! Why does this song stir up such emotion in me? This is the very reason why I love music so much. Though my reasons behind my total meltdown over this song is unbeknown to me, I love that it made me feel. Maybe there was something deep down inside of me that needed to come out (insert your exorcism jokes here). So above all other songs on this soundtrack, "All You Wanted" is THE BEST of them all! And to Sounds Under Radio, if you are reading this, thank you for making me feel. 

14. The Fellowship -The Smashing Pumpkins
This song reminds me of an old school Atari video game (I still have one. DUCK HUNT). You really can't go wrong with The Smashing Pumpkins. 

15. On Melancholy Hill (Feed Me Remix) -Gorillaz
Instead of fist bumps, this gets some fist pumping action. I would have never thought that this was Gorillaz if I didn't actually read the back of this cd. It totes cute and kinda reminiscent of The Never Ending Story to me. 

16. 1864 -Michael Suby
Somethings coming to eat you. RUUUUUUUUUUN!  If this piece had lyrics that what it would be.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

We Crashed, We Fondled (some more so than others), I Managed To Save Matty/Peeta

Unless you're living in another universe, then you know a couple of Vampire Diaries fans and I planned, and yes, we succeeded in crashing the Masquerade party in Mystic Falls, Virginia.

While I'm still getting myself out of my Matty/Peeta ninja saving mode, here are a few pics, and videos that were shot in honor of the debauchery that took place tonight.

The lovely @vampdiaries711showed us that not only are her eyes stunning, but so is her mask!
I don't mess around when it comes to my Matty/Peeta! 
The ALWAYS hilarious @mak75231 clearly had other intentions for the Masquerade.
So @krysmamo  pulled out all of the stops. She def would have given Kat a run for her money in 1864.

Apparently @romancialove gets around Mystic Falls ....

I don't think Jer Bear is quite ready for this.

Not only is she laying in the most sexiest man-sandwhich, she get's bitten too! But by which one?

Jer Bear is like wtf? lol

Elena not only has to watch out for Kat, but @romancialove  is also on the prowl.

SOMEBODY COME GET HER! No, really get her away from my man!

I knew she was evil from the day she first Tweeted me!

So you see, while everyone else was worried about Katherine, us girls were having the time of our lives (insert Dirty Dancing song here). I can't wait to crash another shindig with all of you again, and knowing Mystic Falls, it won't be too long. Hey who's down for a car wash sans Salvatore bro clothes?

 Next mission should you choose, pillage the Salvatore Boarding House village!

*DISCLAIMER* No vampire's, witches, or werewolves were harmed while making this blog, though I can't say the same for that one chick who got the ax.

xOxO's with a side of fist bumping to you all!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Things Left Unsaid Part 1

This past Thursday on The Vampire Diaries was ah-mazing! Loved evil torturous Damon! I knew Mason was going to be a goner, but I still think his death was too easy. As for Aunt Jenna, I thought she'd be a goner too. Thanks to the amazing writers on the show, they don't kill her off, but instead, has Katherine compel her to stab herself. Just so you know I'm all on the Team Katherine train! SPOILER ALERT!!!! Mason received a heart transplant from Damon, but Damon forgot the heart to transplant back into Mason so he died (not really). As a result I ended up setting up a Vidal in honor of Uncle Mason's departure from The Vampire Diaries. 

If you didn't catch these pictures I tweeted out yesterday after the Hot Topic event here is your chance:

These are my infamous keys that were pointed out by Ian Somerhalder. And yes, that is my TheSBH tvdbingo card. Go and get one @

These are the posters that were given out and signed by the brothers Salvatore. 

Until next time...


As If The Pictures Weren't Enough...

Here I have 3 videos I managed to shoot at the Vampire Diaries Hot Topic tour in Miami (could have sworn that I shot more than this *side eyes camera*). I really wanted to take more buuuuut the oh so dreaded fan hands got in my way as you can see.

PS. Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my posts, commenting, and tweeting links. I am so very proud to be a part of the Vampire Diaries fandom, and I look forward to sharing more with you guys as this crazy ride keeps going on.


It took a lot for me not to start belting out the lyrics to this song. I Looove it. And I kinda have of crush on Sounds Under Radio. Yes, the whole band! I'm a maneater if you haven't noticed. *sings* "I'm not a player, I just crush a lot."

Hey boys!

Oh, the many adult thoughts running through my head when I was shooting this. FIY none of these screams were coming from me, you would have really been deaf if I had.

Deciphering Our First Bump

If you didn't read my previous post, then you will not get this AT ALL so, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, GO READ IT!

I was a little dumbfounded and upset over the whole fist bump exchange between Ian and I. I mean he kissed and shook other hands, but WHY ME?! Why was I the chosen fist bumping partner?! Did he really want to fist pump with me and decided that fist pumping was lame so instead, Wonder Twined me? Admittedly he did bite his lower lip when he formed said fist for me to bump *dies* (is that death count 4 or 5?) I know MOST of you have imagined your first exchanges with the guys, but I bet none of them included fist bumping. 

Here was mine for example (totally fictional):

Me: *curtsy's* Gentlemen
Ian: *nods his head and holds out his hand for me to place mine in* fair maiden
Me: *places hand in Ian's hand with a smile*
Ian: *kisses the top of my hand ever so gently and looks directly into my eyes and says* Pleasure (quick pause. rewind. playback. *dies*)
Me: I'm sure *winks*
Paul: *obvs jealous of the situation says* I can do you one better *gets up and walks towards me*
Me: *frozen in a state of shock*
Paul: *kisses my cheek* (hey he's got a girlfriend so I'm keeping it as PG as I can)
Me: *Faints* for the first time in my natural life

Sigh, in my dreams right? LOL!

I'll tell you guys, the fist bumping incident was the equivalent of  having your crush to end all crushes giving you a kiss on the cheek when you're going in for a kiss on the lips. Such a travesty, lol but, not all all under- appreciated as I am grateful for any contact AT ALL!  

After all of my various jokes about the fist bumping incident, that little energy saving light bulb went off in my head...
Image Source

Wait a minute! Maybe our fist bumping experience wasn't at all as upsetting as I thought it was. Why? Because I thought about a cartoon I used to watch as a kid, and it totally made sense! He wants to be my Wonder Twin (go with this idea okay?!)

Image Source

Replace that Z with an I, and it's Ian. Jayna, well... just replace that with my name, Shenna (not too far off).

This is totes how our encounter ended up:

What do you think?


Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'M NOT YOUR DUDE! A Vampire Diaries Encounter

Today started promptly at 5:22 am (insane seeing as how I don't wake up sometimes until 2 pm). Case in point this tweet: @tvdfansonline I think Ian and Paul fit the bill? huh? lol RT @EyemJusMe66: I'm telling YOU U have to be REEEEEAL special 2 have me out of my bed before 12!

I will admit that I was completely and utterly excited, and nervous. I've never felt anything close to this, not even for the numerous *NSYNC concerts I attended as a teen.So I wake up and do that whole toss turn routine, and ended up facing the ceiling thinking "holy s%&!, I'm meeting Stefan and Damon today!" By now my stomach is churning and I think I'm going to upchuck last nights ice cream. I don't so don't worry your pretty little heads.

Fast forward a couple hours later, I finally decided to roll out of bed and head to Tweet Deck to get some last minute counseling from @mak75231. Follow her she's amaze!

@mak7523: @EyemJusMe66 Don't worry--you won't remember the drive there or home anyway--just run over em! #TVDTour.

@mak7523: @EyemJusMe66 Go have Lucky Charms for bkfst--Frosted Lucky Charms, they're Magically Delicious! lol #TVDTour

So after consulting with, laughing with, and making perverse jokes about Ian and Paul (Bwaaahaaaaaaaa! RT @EyemJusMe66: @mak75231 it was destined that I'd have my first 3some today. LOL!) with @WajimaAlvarado, @mak75231, @romancialove, @asexiness, @tvdfansonline, I took a shower, got dressed and headed out the door without my infamous BlackBerry (hilarity ensued because of this).

30 minutes or so later I arrive at Shops at Sunset Place  10:30 ish "OMG OMG OMG OMG." While I'm walking around all of the ding dang shops I'm thinking to myself, "there's going to be a long line." I get there and guess what, I was practically number 30! I stand around a little while and then very shortly other fans start lining up behind me. I had planned to meet up with @WajimaAlvaradoat 10, but we both got there at just the right time.

Sounds Under Radio  were doing their sound check when I arrived. I really REALLY liked what I heard from them, and they seem super nice as well. Minutes fly, new friendships are made over #TVD, bottles of water are consumed, Sounds Under Radio fliers are being used as fans (sorry guys, but I think Paul and Ian may have risen the temperature because it was HOOOOOOOOOT!).

Blah, blah, blah...

Here is where they start telling us that we need to start getting into a single file line (psssssh! people don't like to listen especially teenagers).

Blah, blah, blah...

They start ushering people towards the door (insanity ensues and I realize I should have invested in some earplugs). I must have looked so unamused because one of the flashlight cops says to me sarcastically, "Don't look so excited there!" Whatevs copper dude, these chicks are about to have me in an hearing aid at the age of 25 and 3/4.

Heart starts pounding out of control. Seriously ask @WajimaAlvarado. I had her feel it, and her friend too!

Cue line head counter person. I'm 4th out of 10 in my group which didn't makes any sense whatsoever in the long run. We enter the store and I get entranced by the various Halloween hair bows on the wall while everyone else is having a shit-fit over Ian and Paul.

We move. We move some more. And I can see the top of Mr. Wesley's head (I even got a pic. see below).

I see Ian *dies*

I see Paul and Ian *resurrects and dies again*

Paul and I make eye contact ( I think he has a thing for me). At this point I've died twice and I'm no cat (not that I know of anyway) sooooo what do I do? I die a third time.

First thought in my head, "Ian's head is so small!" Don't ask just read.

The 3 in front of me have their moments, and there's me and me alone for a good 20 seconds (FOREVER).

Ian puts his fist out for me to what? Fist bump? (processes thought in head for 1 second).

Luckily another fan caught it on her camera. Image Source.

I make a fist and do as I am supposed to do because you can't leave a man hanging. I'm thinking, "I'M NOT YOUR DUDE!" "WHAT ARE WE, DRINKING BUDDIES?!" That's what friends do to friends. I'm trying to make you one of my future ex husbands and you want to FIST BUMP ME?!

I'm sure MOST of you would kill to fist bump Ian, but this was my initial thought so bare with.

Paul is staring directly at this interaction as our fists connect in all of it's Wonder Twin wonderfulness. 

Ian: pointing at the key necklace around my neck asks, "Are those the keys to your heart?" then *bows his head* to sign my poster.

Me: *looks down at my necklace and lifts it up off of my shirt* "Yes!"  (lies) "I have a lot of them!"

Ian: "Yes you do."

Paul: You have an abundance of keys to your heart.(he def didn't say the word abundance now that I'm remembering it was more like)

Paul: *laughs and says* "yeah, what do you have there like... You have a lot of keys to unlock your heart." *looks at me directly in my eyes with a smile on his face*

Me: Yep! 1 for you, and you, and a couple others...(only in my head did I say this. Actually it was more like)

Me: *laughs* "I know!" *looks up to find Ian looking directly at me smiling*

Me: *putting left had over my ear says* "I'm going to be deaf, all of this screaming! I don't know how you guys do this!"

Ian, Paul, and I: share a laugh together

Paul: *staring at me and laughing at the same time says* "Yeah no kidding, all 3 of us are."

Ian, Paul, and I: jointly laugh again.

At this point I'm walking off... (I'm pretty sure I said thank you)

Ian: "Thank you so much for coming." *huge smile*

Me: I die yet again

Paul: "Yes, thank you for coming to see us!"

Me: floats out of Hot Topic.

blah, blah, blah...I love their laugh by the way.

An hour or so passes and then Sounds Under Radio performs 3 songs. Loved it!

Ian and Paul walk out and down to the stage *insanity ensues again*

And then the Q&A begins.

I'll cut it short (lol) here and leave you with some pictures for now. Look for the rest of my fan encounter later.

*If you want to use my pictures or videos PLEASE do not take credit for yourself that is all that I ask of you guys.*


If you've seen a video of the Q&A, when Ian says "Wow that's a tiny shirt." He was referring to her shirt.

The crowd was definitely LOUD enough!

Paul fist bumps (see, friends!) Ian after they've made plans to share fans on the Wesleyhalder Island. 


I'm not sure Paul digs the bloody hand.