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Monday, August 22, 2011

Celebrities and Their Twitter Accounts

I know I've let all of my dear readers down by not posting to my blog as frequently as you would like, but life takes precedence over anything extracurricular. But, here I am again with another post on things that really grind my gears about Twitter.

Dear celebrities, what is the point of creating a Twitter account if you're not willing to interact with your fans? Do you think we take pleasure in living vicariously? I don't. I could give two shits about what you ate for breakfast and what color shoes you picked to wear today. It just irritates the F out of me when celebrities just basically brush their fans off as if we don't exist. Look, we exist and ultimately, WE OWN ALL OF YOU! 

Listed below are my top 5 current irritations with celebrity Twitter accounts. If you have something to add comment below and I'll add it if I agree with it. 

1. Twitter is only as fun as the people you interact with. What is the point in making an account in the first place if all you do is send Twitpics and various dry ass quotes about life all day. Here's a quote, deactivate your account and your life. 

2. So you made an account just to interact with your celebrity friends? Oh. Don't you have their phone numbers? Don't you see them on set like every week or so? Okay, sooo get off of my timeline with your banter and make use of your unlimited message plan that you might possibly get comped for. 

3. "Thank you so much to all of my fans for..." How about you reach out to some of your fans on Twitter personally. I know it would not be humanly possible to reach out to each and every single fan out there, but a little effort on your part would be great. If not for your fans, what do you have?

4. "Hey guys can RT this message for me because I'm helping this charity and although I'm too busy to ever reply to any of my fans I need you to do this for me because this is near and dear to my heart and you're my fan you will do anything for me, right?." >__< (insert mindless followers here). 

5. The celebrities who feel that you should feel privileged because they are following you back. HAHA really? Okay, you can have that.


Friday, April 29, 2011

Love Letters

Love Letters

I’m writing you love letters, sometimes they are the same.
Never are they plain with scribbled hearts around your name.
I’m writing you love letters, to show how much I care.
Sometimes I know it’s hard, because I am not there.
I’m writing you love letters to speak the words of the heart.
From which my lips they do not seem to part.
I’m writing you love letters, because I’m just too shy.
To face you in the flesh when you begin to ask why.
I’m writing you love letters, because I need to know.
If what it is you feel for me is something you’re willing to show.
I’m writing you love letters, because I cannot sleep.
Sometimes my words get tangled. Sometimes they can be deep.
I’m writing you love letters, with no hopes of replies.
All that I ask of you is not to tell me any lies.
I’m writing you love letters, to tell you I was wrong.
I know this all can’t be fixed with just a simple song.
I’m writing you love letters outside in the rain.
Just hoping that it will disguise my tear drop stains.
I’m writing you love letters casting my fears aside.
So I can show you just how deeply I feel inside.
I’m writing you love letters and leaving it up to you.
Because in the end, you’ll know that I’ll always love you. 


Friday, April 22, 2011

With A Leap Of Faith

Not to be a Debbie downer or anything, but I think this post shall be a serious post after all, when I first started this blog it was full of seriousness. Just think of it as returning to Life Not So Fab's roots.

Some of you know (if you follow me on Twitter) that I have been listening to Adele's 21 Cd every single day since I bought it, and every song on that album has resonated with me. It's been 2 years since my last significant relationship, and it has taken me that long to come to terms with everything. I mean for goodness sake I was still crying at the sound of his name a year later over 2 for 1's at Fridays. He broke me pretty badly I'd have to say.

You might be saying to yourself, "why did it take her so long?" I'll tell you why, it was because I was in love. Truly, madly, and deeply. I never believed that if one is truly in love with someone that they could just get over them just like that. I could also say that another factor is because there are still a lot of questions unanswered.

I completely took pride in knowing that I would be fine in life without someone to love, but what kind of life is that really? I loved being in love. Why wouldn't I want that for the rest of my life? Love in its purest form is the MOST incredible feeling to ever be felt, but I'm afraid of love now.

When I choose to love someone from an intimate standpoint, I give my all and expect no less in return. Do you know how hard it is for me to do that? I am well aware that I have become completely guarded, and highly sarcastic because of the hands I've been dealt in my relationships. I used to be a lot more open, but now I tread lightly. I know this directly correlates with my none intimate relationships as well.

I don't want to like you, nor do I want to love you because I always seem to get hurt. I actively try not to cultivate relationships with anybody, but there are those that slip through and make me realize that sometimes you just have to jump with a leap of faith.

I hide a lot of myself behind jokes, teasing, and my sarcasm so much so sometimes people can't decide whether I am being honest or not. I'm not trying to say that I am being fake at all, I'm just not the person that I used to be. The girl that believed that everyone had the best intentions. The girl who would give you her last. She's long gone.

When I listen to the track, 'One and Only' on Adele's Cd, I feel as though the song is speaking the words of my heart. "You'll never know if you never try to forgive your past and simply be mine." It has taken me 2 years to forgive my past, and now I'm ready to love. I'll always be scared, who isn't afraid to love? Hearts break and mend all of the time.

I will never be the kind of girl who could be with someone just for the hell of it, or just for sex. I don't want that. It's not in me. If I'm giving you one piece of me, I'm giving you everything. I don't half-ass my life, nor my heart. No disrespect to those of you reading who are able to set aside feelings for enjoyment. 

I want the right love not the right now kind of love. I want the kind of love that kisses your soul, because to kiss the soul, is to have a love that transcends time rather than for a moment.

Thanks always for reading. 


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jokes On Us. The End!

Okay, by now you’ve all read, and heard everything thing about shittycon, and since I can go on, and flippin’ on about how much of a letdown that entire weekend was for me aside from the previously mentioned; I will end with this.

Dear EyeCon Staff,

Thank you for not taking the TVD fandom seriously. You may have swindled us out of thousands of dollars, but NEVER THE HELL AGAIN! While some are still kissing your asses and cooing over how "great of a job" you did, I would like to take this time to give you some advice on your future shitventions:

1. If you're going to promise something you best make sure you deliver on it.
2. How in the flying fuck can you run a convention if you and your staff are the BIGGEST groupies out there? If you're going to be in a business surrounding yourselves around celebrities, I think it best if you and your staff learn how to separate business from pleasure. 
3. This is more of a comment rather than a suggestion... WHAT IN THE ENTIRE HELL WAS THAT 10 DAY OLD SHIT PILE OF A PAGEANT YOU TRIED TO PUT ON? Did you not realize (of course you did, but you didn't care) that these girls were taking this seriously? And that crown! I could have gotten that damn thing off of ebay for $5!
4. Please inform your staff and volunteers on what the hell they are supposed to be doing. You had a 9 am meeting, and for what?
6. The land of denial is such a magical place. If someone asks me for my opinion on if they should attend one of your "conventions", I will gladly tell them, FUCK NO!
7. I would have found you a bit less irritating had you not removed the negative comments from your Facebook page.
8. Though some are afraid to call you out, I'm not, so Thank you Kenny and crew for screwing me out of what was supposed to be one of the best times of my life.

Yours Truly,

xOxO~ Shenna 

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jokes On Us Part 3

I had noticed that while going in and out of the shithole ball room, Steven, and Jessarae’s Mom kept looking at me, so it wasn’t too much of a surprise when she stopped me in the hotel lobby for a picture. With all of the enthusiasm in the world she says, “JESSARAE! LOOKE WHO I FOUND FOR YOU! IT’S THE GIRL WITH THE AWESOME COSTUME.” Here I am looking like “ooookay” more in disbelief than terror because I’ve done my homework, and I knew exactly who she was. Jessarae then proceeds to turn around and says to me, “You look so awesome!” Then Mama McQueen says, “I’ve been looking for you. My son has to take a picture with you.” In my head I’m like, aren’t I the one who’s supposed to be asking for a picture with all of you? LOL. I oblige OF COURSE! Little bro McQueen wraps his arm around my back and we pose for his Mom’s iphone. Here is the picture posted on his Facebook page here.  She kept telling me that I looked great, and I really appreciated it because I did after all, put in a lot of work into that costume. We chatted for a couple of minutes and they were both really delightful people. I still can’t say enough good things about them.

Sunday/Ian Day: I dragged myself out of bed that morning, and immediately felt the energy of hundreds of women down stairs waiting for Mr. Somerhotter himself. I got dressed, took the elevator 2 floors down, and BOOM! You could tell he was there. One fan even came to me after she has met him and was full out bawling. Bless her heart.

I walked over to the room where the Q&A’s were being held and assumed that I would take a seat as close as one with General ticketing could get, and was immediately confused because they were seating people who were waiting for pictures. O.kaaaaaayyyy, so I walk over my “sister” and asked if I should take my place for the Q&A’s and she tells me don’t worry about it because they were going to clear out the room after photo ops. I’m like okay, and figured I’d go over to the VDO/D&W table to hang out. An hour or so passes and I get up yet again to walk over to the Q&A room to asks my “sister” what was the deal. She was standing at the door talking to another volunteer discussing whether or not they would need to clear the room about because the band from the night before might’ve wanted the room cleared so that they could take their set down. Confused look crosses my face, like they better be getting the hell out of here. I just sat there for an hour and could have had great seats.

No, no, no, jokes on you again m’dear. Turns out the band didn’t need the room cleared so the ones there were there could stay in their seat. GTFO! Y’ALL BETTER CLEAR THIS SHIT OUT! (I only say y’all when I am pissed). Here again is where the shit starts hitting the fan. I quickly dive into the room to find 2 seats for Elizabeth and I (nosebleeds club). GREAT seats on the left side of the room. Guess what guys… they told our cheap General ticket holding asses that we need to move 3 rows back because they had seating issues for Silver, Gold, and other Premium pass holders. HOLD THE GODDAMN PHONE! You want me to WHAT?! You must have me confused with Rosa Parks, because I’m not moving to the back! I take a moment to myself to compose what’s left of my dignity and rise with my head held high, and looked to the back. Only about 4 rows actually listened and moved 3 rows back. MAJOORRRR EYE FUCKING ROLL!

This is where the 305 Miami girl starts rearing its ugly head. I start catching all kinds of attitude with the people who blatantly refused to move behind me. You seriously think, I’m about to move back while you just sit your happy asses there? I think not! So I sit all of 1 row behind were I was initially sitting with my arms crossed, and spouting off all kinds of expletives in my head. My damn head should have come with a parental advisory sticker, that’s how bad it was.

I need a breather.

So, anyway… Liz and I ended up sitting closer than we had been initially and on the right side of the room which was what we had preferred in the first place. Not going to go on and on about Ian, because you already know, and if you don’t hell, Google it. I will mention however, that that little girl made me shed tears. It was incredibly endearing.  And my cold, blackened heart felt every part at that moment.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jokes On Us Part 2

Here is another complaint that I have. Why would you ask for our opinions on things to do if you’re not going to incorporate them into the convention? There was waaaaaay too much downtime that could have been filled with karaoke or various other activities like I don’t know, the fan made video contest you advertised for on your stupid website. The website in itself was rather lackluster. I would assume for anyone if this is your business, your website would much better as far as look and content.

I had made a comment about not being surprised about Trevino not showing up on time for his photo ops on Twitter, and I’d like to clarify that what I meant was that Trevino is obvs black and was running on CPT (Colored people time because we are always late). Yes, I heard several rumors about why he was late or whatever, but I’m not dude and I don’t really know what went down. Hell, maybe EyeCon neglected to fill him in on when he was supposed to be there. Who knows?

I also did not have the misfortune to purchase a banquet ticket, but heard numerous complaints from attendees. Stars weren’t mingling as promised, and food was not appetizing (I knew that from the jump just look at the menu). So basically you guys paid almost $100 to sit and stare at each other? REALLY?! Once again, Mr. Pralgo was said to have saved the event, or made it less sucky than it was because he mixed and mingled with every table.

The Masquerade Ball: STOP THE HELL RIGHT HERE! I spent hundreds of dollars on costuming for a shittastic HS homecoming dance. The ROOM! The flippin’ room was no bigger than my college apartment. I walked in and thought it was the room before the room. How do you sellout an event to have it turn out to be such a complete and utter failure?! Not only was it hot as hell, but the music… where the fuck was the DJ. Could you not afford to get a proper DJ with all of the money you cheated us out of? No offense to Josh, he was great, but really? REALLY?! Ipod plugged into a fucking speaker system?! Nah!

I noticed that people were sort of standing in a semi formed line and had to ask a person beside me what was is for. They didn’t even let us know that we were to stand in line to pass through like cattle to meet the stars all the way in a separate section. You couldn’t even see them unless you were passing in and out of the room, and even then we were yelled at to keep it moving because we were not allowed to stand and gawk. FUCK YOU EYECON VERY MUCH FOR THIS! Again, we were promised as said on the website that the stars were going to mingle with us during the ball, but did that happen? Hell to the no! I got in line and stood there. Stood for about an hour line barely moved 5 feet before they announced the stars were leaving. WHAT?! GTFO! You mean to tell me my ass stood here for nothing?! Yes, Shenna, You stood there like a fool for an hour and didn’t get to meet shit. OHHHHHHH FUCK YOU TWICE FOR THIS EYECON!

You know what made this night slightly better? You guys. All of the people who stopped me and told me that they loved my costume. The ones who asked me for pictures. The ones who took picture w/o my permission, LOL. The ones who pointed and, laughed, and ooh’ed and ah’ed. You guys made this night worthwhile. Even more fulfilling was meeting Mama McQueen, and Jessarae.

Jokes On Us Part 1

Firstly, I would like to say a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to all of the amazing people I met over the weekend. Without all of you I probably would have lit myself on fire and jumped from the 4th floor balcony. Secondly, I would like to thank Potter who kept me from purchasing platinum tickets to this shit of a convention. Now, excuse me while I go in...

The first day I arrived to the shitvention, I was totally overwhelmed with excitement to finally get to hang out with all of my Twitter friends. That excitement soon, and I mean SOON, turned into a massive ball of what the (insert bad word here)!

The "Carnival": This shit here LAWD! I did not purchase a ticket to the "carnival", but I was able to get a little taste of it since my "sister" was a volunteer and  had me bring her food to the booth she was working at. I was not impressed with this shit here. I thought I had briefly stepped into a tiny corner of Chuck E. Cheese. You know, the corner with all of the crap games nobody wants to play. The staff at EyeCon were hyping this up as if it were a big to do, but alas one of the many MAJOR FAILS of the weekend. Granted I wasn't there for the entirety of the "carnival" those 10 or so seconds were enough to make me believe that this whole thing was going to be not as expected.

After the carnival, Ruthie, Romancia, Elizabeth, Angela and I all went over to Coventington, GA to do our own little stalking. You Guys… When I saw Mystic Grill, a little well formed tear started creeping up in my eye as if Potter himself was standing right in front of me. I ran towards it shouting, “MATTYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!” Matt didn’t show up of course, but only in my dreams later that night ;) It was sort of surreal to see some of the places they filmed the show at. While there, I had the pleasure to meet Michael (another highlight). It was soooo cold, and we stood out where they were filming what looked like some kind of an epic scene with fog everywhere.

We stood a couple of feet away from what looked like the mansion where my dearest Trevah met his fate *le sigh*. Every time they would yell, “ROLLING!” we were instructed to shush by the security guy. Some minutes )hour) later Matt Davis (Alaric) came out. I don’t know if anyone recognized him before I did, but Romancia came over to me and asked who it was, and I said I believed that it was Ernesto Riley. So when I tweeted that I had just saw a human alien, that is who I was referring to. You can see the little vid I took here . He was also cool and very approachable even though I realized that I am not aggressive enough as a fan because I might have been the only one not to get a picture with him when he came out to say hi to all of us.

The next day, Saturday, was a major day as everyone was anxious for Paul Wesley, and the masquerade ball later that night. Right away you could sense the disorganization. Hell, at this point, my farts were better organized than this convention. Schedules were being changed almost on a constant basis, and volunteers didn't have the slightest clue what they were supposed to be doing.

Some platinum pass holders were getting their panties in a bunch because some general admission people were in front of them in line, but HELLO you only held priority over seating not line placement, so go cry in a corner! This led to a complete clusterfuckery of people rushing inside the doors where the Q&A's were being held. They then had to open other doors (you could tell this was not the original plan) to let the rest of us inside.

Rob Pralgo: THIS MAN. HE IS AWSOMETASTIC WITH A SIDE OF SPECTUALR! He stayed and mingled with everyone the entire weekend. He signed autographs, took Potter knows how many pictures, and always had a smile on his face. He is beyond a class act. This is what this whole experience at EyeCon was supposed to be like. His Q&A was suburb! You, my friend, even though I BEYOND hated your guts on TVD, I love you for being an exemplary celebrity.

I saw quite a few Tweets from people who were not able to attend saying that nobody was really filling them in on what was going on, so I took it upon myself to try to tweet as much as I could. I Tweeted and asked fans to send me questions that they would like to have answered by Paul and that I would pick the best one and try my hardest to get it answered. I ended up selecting @lauraliz83 question: What made you decide to join Twitter? And Are you liking it or regretting it? I was SUUUUUUPERRRRRRRRR nervous when my turn finally came up to ask my question, and as a result I kinda, well I did end up yelling at Paul. LOL. Dude couldn't hear me so I proceeded to speak slowly and louder. "MIIIIIIAAAAAMIIIII!" I feel like such a douche! Bawhahaha.

Paul was all kinds of funny topped off with maple syrup (you get it). Unfortunately we did not get to rekindle our eye sexing from this past October, but that little awkward question asking and not hearing me clearly because I'm an idiot from the planet of you need to speak up and he is obvs from the planet of I can't hear you, will be forever archived in the blooper reel that is my life.