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Monday, September 20, 2010

Not So Fab Luck!

So how's it going blogger peeps? I have to be the unluckiest person I swear. I have not neglected my dearest blog, I've just been delayed in updating like I want. We've been renovating the house and needless to say, everything has been in disarray for the past month or so coupled with me getting sick, getting over it, and getting sick again. The neighbor cut down a tree in the backyard and mistakenly cut the line that was tied to both the house phone and the internet so yeah, there has just been a mess going on over here. I will be getting back to blogging hopefully within the next week or so once everything gets put back together, and granted I do not get sick again :( I have been doing a little bit of shopping, and have lots to share with you guys. Until then, keep yourselves safe out there, and keep being fabulous!