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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Old Navy Goodness: The Lust List.

I haven't been on the Old Navy site in a while so I thought I would go over and check things out just to see if they had anything that I would want, and of course, I found a couple of things that I would love to have in my wardrobe.

1.  Women's The Rock Star Super-Skinny Denim Leggings ($39.50)

2.Women's Slouch Ankle Cowboy Boots ($39.50)

3.Women's Plus Faux-Fur Vests (36.50) I'm not usually a faux fur person but I'm diggin' this!

4.Women's Plus Marled Fringed Sweater Vests ($44.50)

5. Women's Plus Striped Asymmetrical Cardigans (39.50)

6.Women's Plus Fleece Blazers ($34.50)

7. Women's Plus Mock Two-Piece Tank Dress ($29.50)
 8. Women's Plus Studded Jersey Tunics ($19.50)

9. Women's Plus Embellished Vest (49.50)

10. Women's Plus Metal-Studded Sweater Dress ($59.50)

Long Overdue Torrid Haul

So, a couple of weeks ago I blogged about getting the Torrid Regan over-the-knee boots, and have since received them and drooled all over them. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! The only slight negative that I could possibly say about them is that they fit rather loose on me (I don't know if they are supposed to fit that way) as my legs tend to be on the skinny side. I also ordered the Lacey Black Peeptoe Booties, and oh my heavens, those shoes are THE BEST! They are sooo comfy which, is an issue I have with a lot of heeled shoes because of my flat feet. Everything fit well except for 2 items which I have sent back. I have to say that the nerds need love too shirt is too cute!

1. Regan Over-the-Knee Moto Boot ($68), 2. Teapot and Clock Charm Necklace ($12) 3. Silver Rose and Pearl Stretch Ring ($12) 4. The Vampire Diaries Cast Tee ($28) 5. Hematite Mixed Metal Key Cluster Necklace ($12) 6. Lacey Black Peeptoe Bootie ($42) 7. White Jersey Military Jacket ($48) 8. Born Famous Couture Grey Skull Tee ($28) 9. Black and Gold Oval Stretch Ring ($12)  10. Beige Ditsy Nerds Need Love Too Tee ($28)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mad About Mad Men

Keeping with the whole birthday post, I have also decided to have a 1960s/Mad Men themed dinner party this year for my birthday. Mad Men is a pretty stellar show that comes on AMC on Sundays at 10/9c. Now, I don't want to give my little synopsis about the show, but what will tell you is that it's pretty sexist as is to be expected of a show based in the 60's. The women are Susie Homemakers except for the character Peggy Olson, who is a copywriter , and the men pretty much run the universe. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Christina Hendricks as Joan Harris

courtesy of

Anywho, I was on the AMC Mad Men website the other night and they have this Mad Men yourself avatar maker, and I couldn't resist! Here is what "I would look like." 

My inspiration for the whole theme party came from this avatar. I'm thinking 8-10 people all dressed up in 1960s duds eating food and sipping on drinks fromm that era. The Mad Men site also has a 1960s Cocktail Guide that will surely serve as a great reference. I found a dress close to the look of the avatar picture that I'm pretty sure I will be wearing at my dinner party.

The dress pictured above is from JIBRI, a plus size vintage inspired clothing company.The JIBRI Pleat Peplum Iris Dress retails for $240 and with the right accessories, hair, and attitude, I know I will be able to pull my avatar look off. I will be sure to fill you guys in on party planning updates!

courtesy of

Here's to happy party planning!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

From London With Love

So, I am in the very early stages of planing out what I want to do for my 27th birthday next year. Initially, I wanted to go to Italy, but after much research, I have decided that going to Italy would be better suited for more romantic purposes rather than for 4 girls gallivanting around town. After much consideration and many Google searches, I have decided to plan an all girls trip over to London U.K. December 14, 2011 until the 19th. I am SO excited, and cannot wait to share all of the details with you guys as things progress along. The only thing I know that I want to do is spend my birthday (December 16th) in Paris, France AWE-SOME!!!

Until next time...


Saturday, August 7, 2010


If you've never voted a day in your life whether if it was because you are not old enough, or you simply didn't think your vote would count, now is the time when you can rest assure that your vote will count, and help make someone like me and your dreams come true. Gabi or @gabifresh as she is known on twitter, is one of the top 5 candidates that are in hopes of becoming MTV's first ever TJ (Twitter Jockey). With this position, the winner will have to move IMMEDIATELY to New York, and will be given a $100,000.00 salary (amazeballs, right?). Now, I don't know Gabi personally, but I can tell you guys that having her win this position will mean so much not only to her, but to me, and the rest of the plus sexies out there. So please if you are able, text in your votes Sunday night in support of Gabi. Get your friends, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins, coworkers, and neighbors to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!  

Friday, August 6, 2010

Fab Shoes. Not So Fab Big Feet!

Personally, I have never been much of a shoe girl, but recently, I have been lusting over a couple pair of shoes that I have stumbled upon on various websites. Most of my lack of  "shoe love" probably stems from the fact that I wear a size 11 shoe (a size 10 sometimes depending on how it's made), and as stated in a previous post, it makes it most difficult to find fashionable shoes in my size. One Youtuber, and fellow blogger named Tara, put me on to the shoe website, SoleStruck who's awesome enough in itself, sells fashionable size 11's. Though, I am not in agreeance with paying over $100 for any pair of shoes no matter how fabulous (a handbag, yes, but not for shoes. You can tell where my priorities lie) some of the following shoes have me thinking twice about how much dough I would dish out for shoes.

 Ruthie Davis's  SPIKE shoes retail for $1,395 and have been seen on Beyonce. I loooove anything black, studded, and with zippers. Yes please, but sadly they do not come in my size. Oh, BOO! :(

Jeffery Campbell's  BAL-NU boots retail for $189.95. These boots have a distressed look which is something that I love and better than that, they come in my size. Ring em' on up!


Louboutin's Men's Flat Spikes retail for $1,095. I'm much more less a tennis shoe fan than a shoe fan altogether, but I like anything that makes a daring statement. They are a men's shoe, but I'd rock them.

Any of you know where I can shop to expand my new love for shoes?


Honorable mentions that are not pricey, and do not come in my size:

All of the shoes above are from an ebay seller by the name of fashionstoryshop who sells from Australia.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Autmn/Winter Must Haves for 2010 from Evans

I've been an admirer of Evans clothing for a little while now, and their Autumn/Winter collection displays exactly why their clothes are so fab to me. While some of the pieces are not up for sale on the site just yet, Evans has given us a sneak peak at what's to come. Are you excited? If you're not, get excited! I'm BURSTING!!!

According to the Evans blog , this first collection is inspired by "the great outdoors." My inner hippie chick as I refer to as Rainbow (lol), is so in love with the earth tone colors of these pieces. My faves would have to be: the green military inspired top, print dress, plaid long sleeved shirt, and brown combat boots.


The next "themed" pieces are my absolute fave! Just like I have the inner hippie chick inside of me, there's also that badass rocker/goth girl in me as well (she has no name). Since blue is my fave color I naturally fell in love with most of these clothes. My faves: NUMERO UNO is that fantastic structured coat with the long sides, and of course the short blue coat as well. The wet look of those blue leggings are hawt, and I like the skull print top right underneath it. 

 Biba is for the girly girl. The Evans blog attributes the look of these pieces to the 70's with mixes of faux fur and lace. While fur nor faux fur is really my style, I do love of course that cute little print dress as mentioned before, the long floral print dress is to die, and teal (?) little mini dress at the bottom.


The fourth set of pieces are okay. I do LOVE Christmas which is what the style of these looks are attributed to according to the Evans blog, but I'm not a big fan of wearing Chritmasy things.The only two pieces that I would consider buying would be the hopefully faux leather brown jacket, and the gray flowy front blazer.


What are your must haves from the Autumn/Winter Evans collection? Tell me, I want to know!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tupieta Giveaway Winner!

Last week I won a giveaway hosted by Courtney aka Tupieta for a $50 gift-certificate to Eliza Parker's website. I was so elated because I had just recently discovered her site and I fell in love with one item in particular which is the Bordeau dress.

I think this dress is sooooooooooo super cutes! It is retailed at $189 which is a far cry from $50 dollars, but I plan on saving up to purchase it very soon. Please visit Eliza Parker's site and check out all of the other fab stuff she has. And also check out Courtney's blog... it's awesome!