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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jokes On Us Part 1

Firstly, I would like to say a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to all of the amazing people I met over the weekend. Without all of you I probably would have lit myself on fire and jumped from the 4th floor balcony. Secondly, I would like to thank Potter who kept me from purchasing platinum tickets to this shit of a convention. Now, excuse me while I go in...

The first day I arrived to the shitvention, I was totally overwhelmed with excitement to finally get to hang out with all of my Twitter friends. That excitement soon, and I mean SOON, turned into a massive ball of what the (insert bad word here)!

The "Carnival": This shit here LAWD! I did not purchase a ticket to the "carnival", but I was able to get a little taste of it since my "sister" was a volunteer and  had me bring her food to the booth she was working at. I was not impressed with this shit here. I thought I had briefly stepped into a tiny corner of Chuck E. Cheese. You know, the corner with all of the crap games nobody wants to play. The staff at EyeCon were hyping this up as if it were a big to do, but alas one of the many MAJOR FAILS of the weekend. Granted I wasn't there for the entirety of the "carnival" those 10 or so seconds were enough to make me believe that this whole thing was going to be not as expected.

After the carnival, Ruthie, Romancia, Elizabeth, Angela and I all went over to Coventington, GA to do our own little stalking. You Guys… When I saw Mystic Grill, a little well formed tear started creeping up in my eye as if Potter himself was standing right in front of me. I ran towards it shouting, “MATTYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!” Matt didn’t show up of course, but only in my dreams later that night ;) It was sort of surreal to see some of the places they filmed the show at. While there, I had the pleasure to meet Michael (another highlight). It was soooo cold, and we stood out where they were filming what looked like some kind of an epic scene with fog everywhere.

We stood a couple of feet away from what looked like the mansion where my dearest Trevah met his fate *le sigh*. Every time they would yell, “ROLLING!” we were instructed to shush by the security guy. Some minutes )hour) later Matt Davis (Alaric) came out. I don’t know if anyone recognized him before I did, but Romancia came over to me and asked who it was, and I said I believed that it was Ernesto Riley. So when I tweeted that I had just saw a human alien, that is who I was referring to. You can see the little vid I took here . He was also cool and very approachable even though I realized that I am not aggressive enough as a fan because I might have been the only one not to get a picture with him when he came out to say hi to all of us.

The next day, Saturday, was a major day as everyone was anxious for Paul Wesley, and the masquerade ball later that night. Right away you could sense the disorganization. Hell, at this point, my farts were better organized than this convention. Schedules were being changed almost on a constant basis, and volunteers didn't have the slightest clue what they were supposed to be doing.

Some platinum pass holders were getting their panties in a bunch because some general admission people were in front of them in line, but HELLO you only held priority over seating not line placement, so go cry in a corner! This led to a complete clusterfuckery of people rushing inside the doors where the Q&A's were being held. They then had to open other doors (you could tell this was not the original plan) to let the rest of us inside.

Rob Pralgo: THIS MAN. HE IS AWSOMETASTIC WITH A SIDE OF SPECTUALR! He stayed and mingled with everyone the entire weekend. He signed autographs, took Potter knows how many pictures, and always had a smile on his face. He is beyond a class act. This is what this whole experience at EyeCon was supposed to be like. His Q&A was suburb! You, my friend, even though I BEYOND hated your guts on TVD, I love you for being an exemplary celebrity.

I saw quite a few Tweets from people who were not able to attend saying that nobody was really filling them in on what was going on, so I took it upon myself to try to tweet as much as I could. I Tweeted and asked fans to send me questions that they would like to have answered by Paul and that I would pick the best one and try my hardest to get it answered. I ended up selecting @lauraliz83 question: What made you decide to join Twitter? And Are you liking it or regretting it? I was SUUUUUUPERRRRRRRRR nervous when my turn finally came up to ask my question, and as a result I kinda, well I did end up yelling at Paul. LOL. Dude couldn't hear me so I proceeded to speak slowly and louder. "MIIIIIIAAAAAMIIIII!" I feel like such a douche! Bawhahaha.

Paul was all kinds of funny topped off with maple syrup (you get it). Unfortunately we did not get to rekindle our eye sexing from this past October, but that little awkward question asking and not hearing me clearly because I'm an idiot from the planet of you need to speak up and he is obvs from the planet of I can't hear you, will be forever archived in the blooper reel that is my life.


  1. Goilfriend, I just love the way you describe things!

  2. I CANNOT stop laughing...Can't wait to read the rest! Btw...did Paul answer your question?

  3. shenna your too much! lol
    when you screamed at paul HEHEHEHE

  4. LUV THIS GIRL! RTing it on Twitter :)