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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jokes On Us Part 2

Here is another complaint that I have. Why would you ask for our opinions on things to do if you’re not going to incorporate them into the convention? There was waaaaaay too much downtime that could have been filled with karaoke or various other activities like I don’t know, the fan made video contest you advertised for on your stupid website. The website in itself was rather lackluster. I would assume for anyone if this is your business, your website would much better as far as look and content.

I had made a comment about not being surprised about Trevino not showing up on time for his photo ops on Twitter, and I’d like to clarify that what I meant was that Trevino is obvs black and was running on CPT (Colored people time because we are always late). Yes, I heard several rumors about why he was late or whatever, but I’m not dude and I don’t really know what went down. Hell, maybe EyeCon neglected to fill him in on when he was supposed to be there. Who knows?

I also did not have the misfortune to purchase a banquet ticket, but heard numerous complaints from attendees. Stars weren’t mingling as promised, and food was not appetizing (I knew that from the jump just look at the menu). So basically you guys paid almost $100 to sit and stare at each other? REALLY?! Once again, Mr. Pralgo was said to have saved the event, or made it less sucky than it was because he mixed and mingled with every table.

The Masquerade Ball: STOP THE HELL RIGHT HERE! I spent hundreds of dollars on costuming for a shittastic HS homecoming dance. The ROOM! The flippin’ room was no bigger than my college apartment. I walked in and thought it was the room before the room. How do you sellout an event to have it turn out to be such a complete and utter failure?! Not only was it hot as hell, but the music… where the fuck was the DJ. Could you not afford to get a proper DJ with all of the money you cheated us out of? No offense to Josh, he was great, but really? REALLY?! Ipod plugged into a fucking speaker system?! Nah!

I noticed that people were sort of standing in a semi formed line and had to ask a person beside me what was is for. They didn’t even let us know that we were to stand in line to pass through like cattle to meet the stars all the way in a separate section. You couldn’t even see them unless you were passing in and out of the room, and even then we were yelled at to keep it moving because we were not allowed to stand and gawk. FUCK YOU EYECON VERY MUCH FOR THIS! Again, we were promised as said on the website that the stars were going to mingle with us during the ball, but did that happen? Hell to the no! I got in line and stood there. Stood for about an hour line barely moved 5 feet before they announced the stars were leaving. WHAT?! GTFO! You mean to tell me my ass stood here for nothing?! Yes, Shenna, You stood there like a fool for an hour and didn’t get to meet shit. OHHHHHHH FUCK YOU TWICE FOR THIS EYECON!

You know what made this night slightly better? You guys. All of the people who stopped me and told me that they loved my costume. The ones who asked me for pictures. The ones who took picture w/o my permission, LOL. The ones who pointed and, laughed, and ooh’ed and ah’ed. You guys made this night worthwhile. Even more fulfilling was meeting Mama McQueen, and Jessarae.


  1. Shenna i'm sorry for your shitcon, but you review is so full of humor.
    I loved reading it.