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Monday, August 22, 2011

Celebrities and Their Twitter Accounts

I know I've let all of my dear readers down by not posting to my blog as frequently as you would like, but life takes precedence over anything extracurricular. But, here I am again with another post on things that really grind my gears about Twitter.

Dear celebrities, what is the point of creating a Twitter account if you're not willing to interact with your fans? Do you think we take pleasure in living vicariously? I don't. I could give two shits about what you ate for breakfast and what color shoes you picked to wear today. It just irritates the F out of me when celebrities just basically brush their fans off as if we don't exist. Look, we exist and ultimately, WE OWN ALL OF YOU! 

Listed below are my top 5 current irritations with celebrity Twitter accounts. If you have something to add comment below and I'll add it if I agree with it. 

1. Twitter is only as fun as the people you interact with. What is the point in making an account in the first place if all you do is send Twitpics and various dry ass quotes about life all day. Here's a quote, deactivate your account and your life. 

2. So you made an account just to interact with your celebrity friends? Oh. Don't you have their phone numbers? Don't you see them on set like every week or so? Okay, sooo get off of my timeline with your banter and make use of your unlimited message plan that you might possibly get comped for. 

3. "Thank you so much to all of my fans for..." How about you reach out to some of your fans on Twitter personally. I know it would not be humanly possible to reach out to each and every single fan out there, but a little effort on your part would be great. If not for your fans, what do you have?

4. "Hey guys can RT this message for me because I'm helping this charity and although I'm too busy to ever reply to any of my fans I need you to do this for me because this is near and dear to my heart and you're my fan you will do anything for me, right?." >__< (insert mindless followers here). 

5. The celebrities who feel that you should feel privileged because they are following you back. HAHA really? Okay, you can have that.


1 comment:

  1. I see a NUMBER of celebrities wearing the guilty albatross! While you're considering reaching out to some of your fans, don't reach out to THE SAME DAMN ONES all the time! It just makes them bigger bitches than they already are! And suckin up to electronic media wannabes...gets old. And don't get me started on following fans because they stuck your name in their tweethandle........