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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jokes On Us Part 3

I had noticed that while going in and out of the shithole ball room, Steven, and Jessarae’s Mom kept looking at me, so it wasn’t too much of a surprise when she stopped me in the hotel lobby for a picture. With all of the enthusiasm in the world she says, “JESSARAE! LOOKE WHO I FOUND FOR YOU! IT’S THE GIRL WITH THE AWESOME COSTUME.” Here I am looking like “ooookay” more in disbelief than terror because I’ve done my homework, and I knew exactly who she was. Jessarae then proceeds to turn around and says to me, “You look so awesome!” Then Mama McQueen says, “I’ve been looking for you. My son has to take a picture with you.” In my head I’m like, aren’t I the one who’s supposed to be asking for a picture with all of you? LOL. I oblige OF COURSE! Little bro McQueen wraps his arm around my back and we pose for his Mom’s iphone. Here is the picture posted on his Facebook page here.  She kept telling me that I looked great, and I really appreciated it because I did after all, put in a lot of work into that costume. We chatted for a couple of minutes and they were both really delightful people. I still can’t say enough good things about them.

Sunday/Ian Day: I dragged myself out of bed that morning, and immediately felt the energy of hundreds of women down stairs waiting for Mr. Somerhotter himself. I got dressed, took the elevator 2 floors down, and BOOM! You could tell he was there. One fan even came to me after she has met him and was full out bawling. Bless her heart.

I walked over to the room where the Q&A’s were being held and assumed that I would take a seat as close as one with General ticketing could get, and was immediately confused because they were seating people who were waiting for pictures. O.kaaaaaayyyy, so I walk over my “sister” and asked if I should take my place for the Q&A’s and she tells me don’t worry about it because they were going to clear out the room after photo ops. I’m like okay, and figured I’d go over to the VDO/D&W table to hang out. An hour or so passes and I get up yet again to walk over to the Q&A room to asks my “sister” what was the deal. She was standing at the door talking to another volunteer discussing whether or not they would need to clear the room about because the band from the night before might’ve wanted the room cleared so that they could take their set down. Confused look crosses my face, like they better be getting the hell out of here. I just sat there for an hour and could have had great seats.

No, no, no, jokes on you again m’dear. Turns out the band didn’t need the room cleared so the ones there were there could stay in their seat. GTFO! Y’ALL BETTER CLEAR THIS SHIT OUT! (I only say y’all when I am pissed). Here again is where the shit starts hitting the fan. I quickly dive into the room to find 2 seats for Elizabeth and I (nosebleeds club). GREAT seats on the left side of the room. Guess what guys… they told our cheap General ticket holding asses that we need to move 3 rows back because they had seating issues for Silver, Gold, and other Premium pass holders. HOLD THE GODDAMN PHONE! You want me to WHAT?! You must have me confused with Rosa Parks, because I’m not moving to the back! I take a moment to myself to compose what’s left of my dignity and rise with my head held high, and looked to the back. Only about 4 rows actually listened and moved 3 rows back. MAJOORRRR EYE FUCKING ROLL!

This is where the 305 Miami girl starts rearing its ugly head. I start catching all kinds of attitude with the people who blatantly refused to move behind me. You seriously think, I’m about to move back while you just sit your happy asses there? I think not! So I sit all of 1 row behind were I was initially sitting with my arms crossed, and spouting off all kinds of expletives in my head. My damn head should have come with a parental advisory sticker, that’s how bad it was.

I need a breather.

So, anyway… Liz and I ended up sitting closer than we had been initially and on the right side of the room which was what we had preferred in the first place. Not going to go on and on about Ian, because you already know, and if you don’t hell, Google it. I will mention however, that that little girl made me shed tears. It was incredibly endearing.  And my cold, blackened heart felt every part at that moment.

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